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Bulandet, a small land in the wide world

Bulandet, a small land in the wide world

but a great land in our hearts

but a great land in our hearts

A good place to stay

A good place to stay

and Welcome you are !

and Welcome you are !

Pleasant accomodation for your visit

Pleasant accomodation for your visit

Authentic Relaxed Personal

 Accommodation in Fisherman`s houses 


Light, pleasant and individual accomodation for your stay in Bulandet, the outermoust islands in Askvoll, Sogn og Fjordane, Norway.

As far west as there are people in this country - Here we are !

6 accomodations apportioned in 3 buildings,

for a total of  26 people + 4.

Suitable both for job- and freetime travels. Take contact.


Guest Harbour - Room for meetings/arrangements - Boat and kayak rental.


Phone: +47 91 69 19 18 - bulandsferie@gmail.com

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"Andreasbua" with three appartments,

"Pernillebu" with two appartments,  and "Pernillehytta" (cottage)  See more info about each accomodation.

Arrangements / Meetings

"Pernillestaua" have room for 34 people.

Can be rented including kitchen.



Guest Harbour- Camping

- Pernillestø Guest Harbour - 

Caravan and Camping after agreement.

Few places.


A small land in the big world, but a great land in our hearts ;-)

You are welcome in Bulandet!

Many have discoverd it - but far from all. ;-) 

Bulandet is the westernmost island group in Norway, located  in Askvoll kommune, Sogn og Fjordane.

If you want to glance towards Shetland, it is here you find the shortest distance.

You can take a selfie with the platform Gjøa in the background (for those with a good sight)  - or

walk on your knees on a hunt after "Blåstjerner" - Blue stars (for those without a good sight.)

You can sit in a  scallop and contemplate, or paddle between 365 islands.


Whilst you are here, you can live in one of six light and pleasant accomodation, at the island called Gjelsa,

in the middle of Bulandet. Fishermans cottage, sea house or cottage - the choise is yours.

Here with us you do not live in fancy built up tourist villages - but in the midst of the everyday

- in a living firshermans community, that has survived all storms so far.. ;-)

Our fishermans cottage is well over 120 years old -  with an undeniable soul in the walls. Here you can attend

to historical buzz and the sea slosh under the building.

Pernillebu is younger, with a different atmosphere. All the accomodation has their own melody.  ;-)

We can not scry if it is the storm or the silence and calm sea  that meets you when you visit.

Do you dare to try? - Or rather:  When do you come? :-)


- Far out in the west - where the ocean heavily wrestle  - but not always...  ;-)


Call Us !

+47 916 91 918




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Bulandsferie - Heim

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