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Welcome to Pernilestø Guest Harbour

Pernillestø sett frå aust


Mooring  for 6 to 8 yachts.
Access to shower / toilets,  washing machine, clothes drier,
Garden furniture, barbecue, water and electricity. 


A little and peaceful guest harbour for those who prefer calm days without too much traffic. The guest harbour is located on the east side of the island "Gjelsa"  The fairway goes into the strait weast of "Hovden", passing "Nikøy" and  further into the strait also west of  "Hågøy". The harbour is then placed on port side a bit before you come to the tiny "Hita-bridge". 


On the shore at the quay you also find the seahouse "Pernillebu", which has two appartments in the 1st floor. Pernillebu 1 and Pernillebu 2 + Pernillehytta. (cottage)

See "Accomodation".


It is also possible to park  1-2 caravans here - after agreement. 


Take contact on phone:  +47 91 69 19 18


Some Local History



Pernillestø, which lies at the  Northern end of Gjelsa, is named after Pernille Soren's daughter from Gjørøy - a neighboring island to the east. ;) She was born in 1799.


Pernille had a romantic attachment to Mourits in Gjelsa. She therefore often arranged errands  there. To make the visits a bit longer, she always rowed from Gjørøy to this pier on the east side of Gjelsa. From here you had to walk across a bay / tide pools. This could only be done at low tide. When high tide arrived, one had to wait 5-6 hours. If this occurred in the evening, she had to stay. Pernille got what she wanted, and was married to Mourits in 1821. ;-)

They had a son born to the family in 1825. By 1832 she was a widow.
She married twice again and had altogether six children.
Pernille was actually the previously mentioned Katrine`s aunt, both from the island Gjørøy and Mourits was Knut`s uncle, from Gjelsa. My great-great grandparents Katrine and Knut were married in 1888.
(see the history written on the page "Bulandet")
One of the dearest items Katrine owned was a rocking chair that I still have in my possession today. And it can still be used for philosopy and other thought experiments. ;-)

- Ingrid A. Gillesøy -

Pernillestø sett frå nord

At "Pernillestø" there is garden furniture at the quay area. Water hose at the quay. Power outlets at the building. Area to  handle your fish catch - both outdoor and under roof.  Inside the building there is access to wc/shower and  if needed its possible to use washing machine and dryer - this for a cost per wash. 


Boats can access the quay when there is place to find. Caravans and others have to take contact to be referred. We do not accept more than 1 or 2 caravans - and this depends of  other use of the area the spesefic days.

Call +47 91691918. 

Price: NOK 300,- pr day. Can be paid by VIPPS or in cash.

Anker 1
Tippoldemor Kathrine sin gyngestol
Kaiområdet på Pernillestø


"Do you think then, that what

you search for is found in books
or that you uncover
your secret mistakes
by staring into a mirror?

Knut Ødegård

When you arrive by the road, this is where you take off to "Pernillestø". 

Vegen opp til Pernillestø
Pernillestø sett frå aust
Kaiområde på Pernillestø med Hitabrua rett fram.
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