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Travel to the Western end of Norway


Own car:

All the way to Askvoll. (evt. Fure) 

Ferry to Værlandet,

drive10 km further to the west to Bulandet.

Flight: Oslo-Bergen.

Express vessel from Bergen:

2 times a day.

Ferry: Askvoll-Værlandet,

buss further to Bulandet

Flight, buss, ferry:




Island hopping 

You can also go on "Island hopping": Take the express boat from Bergen to Krakhella i Solund. Order your trip with the "post boat" directly to Bulandet. Here you can stay for a few nights, befor you travel further, to mainland Askvoll - or back to Bergen - or to other places. ;-)

We reccomend that you book accomodation in Bulandet first, then order your ticket to the post boat for the same day.


Here is the link to order tickets for the trip.

Drive off to  Pernillestø
Skilt -
Light house
Main road - Pernillestø is right around next curve.
Drive off to Andreasbua
Bulandet - Photo of our islands ;-)

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