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Pernillestø seen from east

About us

 *Authentic Relaxed Personal*


Bulandferie was founded in 1989. Since then several thousand people

have had the opportunity to enjoy this pearl of the sea.

This was the idea behind the project; that it should be possible for people

with no connection to Bulandet to experience such a place.

This remains our philosophy today.


We want that as many as possible can have the chance to arrive here -to discover the country of islands in the western costal fareway.

Many people have sailed to and pass Bulandet during the centuries, but many still has it outstanding. ;-) When you come, we hope you will

be able to both see and understand why people have clinged to this place during all times. - But most of all

we hope that you can bring with you  a special treasure back home. A treasure that only can be found

in small, half way hidden places along our beautiful coast line.

The time we live in is so saturated with demands that we believe all are in

need of some respite. Days where our time is not demanded of us, where

we have the opportunity to just be ourselves, without the daily mayhem that imprisons us.
And gives us the possibility to see that we are worthy just by being who we are.

It is good to know that there is such a place; with open

skies and wide horizons. Where you can see the stars without competing

lights and the silence has its own way of getting us to wonder..


We wish you Welcome!  ;-)



Our accomodations is apportioned in three different buildingson "Nordre Gjelsa" in Bulandet.

First was the cottage "Pernillehytta from 1989,

This was then the first accomodation for short time rental in Bulandet in newer time.

Through the winter and the spring 1991, we restored our old fishermans cottage, to

contain three appartments. "Andreasbua" was orginally built in 1897, and contained both work areas,

equipment store, and room for fishermen to stay. Fishermen lived here in periods when working on fisheries in

the area.  Either on own fishing vessels, or on vessels from Bulandet.

It has been very nice to be able to give this fishermans cottage a "new life" by filling it

with new travelling guests. ;-)

During the winter/spring 1992 the building named "Pernillebu" was furnished with

two appartments on 1st floor.It is on ground floor at this building the meeting room is located.


All units has been updated again during the later years.


 “Far out in the west where the ocean heavily wrestle, there you will view a lot of island shooting up of the water.

And if you count them you will get the answer;  the number is as days of the year.

Around these islands are a veiled bond. They connect in the name Bueland.

--- We love each island, every islet. Here we want to stay - and here we want to die.”

(part of the song about Bulandet: "Bulandssongen.")



Ingrid Anita.

Phone: +47 916 91 918

Email: bulandsferie@gmail.com
6987 Bulandet


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"The one who never while away the time, has never done anything but." ;-)

Mot Pernillestø
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