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Sunset at Nordre Gjelsa.

Contact Us


+47 91 69 19 18 * 

 *(also English)



+ 47- 91 64 71 96

Email: bulandsferie@gmail.com



Konto nr: 3705 29 32476


IBAN: NO9637052932476


"The years glide quickly past,
catch them and fill them.
Let them be filled with harmony,
make them golden."

Requests and Booking must be done directly to us.

Overnatting betalast normalt til bankkonto etter avtale.

Sjå meir info om reglar for bestilling, betaling og avbestilling her.

Mindre tilleggsbeløp,  kaiplass/camping, leige av båt og kajakk kan betalast på vipps, eller kontant ved høve.



We are very excited about Bulandet and would like to share it with you.. ;-)

Do you wish to "hide yourself for a while", or just get away from
the stress and bustle of everyday life, Bulandet is the place for you.
Bring your family and friends on an alternative experience - A small

country to oneself, surrounded by ocean, right here in Norway.


Holidays or special celebrations - To visit the westernmost settlement in Norwaya is a great gift of itself. ;-)

Company outings, meetings and courses, also take on a different perspective out here. 

Totally idyllic, or rugged landscapes - Ask the weather gods - or the Meteorologists, maybe. ;-)



Overnatting i Rorbu og Sjøhus-leiligheter i Bulandet.

Contact us directly through this form.

Thank you for contacting us!

An evening at Andreasbua.
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