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Døra mellom Pernillestaua og gangen, div. detaljer.

Welcome to Pernillestaua !

"It`s nice to be important,

but it is more important to be nice."

John Cassis

Detaljer. Gammal lanterne, skilt til fiskekasser. Dekor.

"Pernillestaua", with entrance hall and toilets can be rented for 

meetings and arrangements - also included kitchen.


For i.e. those who wants to arrange gatherings for friends or grater family over a few days,

renting accomodation for each family. This will work

nicely to make food and arrange meals together. 


For groups, for meetings, courses and cosy evenings.


"Pernillestaua"can of coures also be rented independently

of stay in our accomodation  ;-)


For up to 32-34 people.



bulandsferie@gmail.com - Tlf. 91691918




Kitchen - Toaletts - Laundry Room


Call Us !

+47 916 91 918




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